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2019 Icedogs Summer Skate Program

Summer Skate  is Pond Hockey. This is a freestyle "sticks in the middle" old fashioned style of pond hockey, in order to have some fun on Sunday Nights during the dog days of summer. This program is open to all Junior Gold age eligible players that are Icedogs eligible for the upcoming season.

  • Registration Open Now!
  • Program runs July 14th 2019 - August 25th 2019
  • 7 Sunday Night Sessions
  • Open to all Jr Gold Age Eligible Players, invite a friend!

Program Fee for Players $99.00   Goalies $50.00

Message From BHS Coach Chris Carroll

Hi Icedog Players and Parents,

I hope your spring is going well and are gearing up for the summer!

I wanted to extend a more formal invitation, specifically to the Junior Gold program, to the Bengal STP program this summer. Evidenced by the State Tournament success in the recent history, the Icedogs have displayed a remarkable job of developing Blaine hockey players. I also know that some of those players have aspirations to transition to the High School Program. One way to assist that transition is to participate in STP. By no means does our staff require any player to participate in STP, however, it is one major way we can help develop players. STP is a great tool not only for skill development, but system installation and off-ice strength development. It is also a vehicle that we can evaluate work ethic and devotion to the program.

Here is the link ( that hopefully answers any questions you may have. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Chris Carroll

Blaine Boy's Hockey

Icedogs Junior Gold Program

One Name, One Look, One Brand and One Goal

 Since 2009 our mission has been to build competitive teams at each level within the Junior Gold Program in order to earn a seat in the Minnesota State Junior Gold Play-offs and Finals.

  Players are expected to work hard, individually and collectively, to succeed towards this goal. Teamwork, Desire, and Excellence is what we strive for. This program is the Home Team for players from Anoka, Andover, Blaine, Cambridge-Isanti, Champlin, Coon Rapids, Spring Lake Park and St. Francis.

"Hockey is what you do, not who you are."
We all grow up to fast!
Enjoy your team, Enjoy the season, and Enjoy the game.

BYHA is the District 10 Host Association for Jr Gold 16, Jr Gold B, and Jr Gold A.  Player and Goalie Tryouts are open to 9th thru 12th grade participants whose "District 10" Association does not host a Junior Gold team of their own. All players will need to register with USA HOCKEY in order to register for tryouts and participate in the season if selected.

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The ICEDOGS Junior Gold Program Code of Conduct states: All persons associated with the game are at all times expected to act with self-control, sportsmanship, dignity and respect for others. This includes coaches, parents, and players.
Poor Sportsmanship & Unacceptable Behavior Include, but not limited to:
  1. Disruptive arguing with coaches, officials, teammates, opponents
  2. Deliberate & uncontrolled taunting of coaches, officials, teammates, or opponents
  3. Disruptive & uncontrolled behavior in the bench area or locker rooms
  4. Uncontrolled behavior, on or off ice, with intent to intentionally harm another teammate or opposing player
  5. Directed use of unwarranted and severe intimidation via threatening or violent profane language
  6. Inappropriate use of social media to taunt, threaten, or violently intimidate opponents, officials, or others
Poor sportsmanship & Unacceptable Behavior, at a minimum, will be assessed the following consequences:

First Offense
Player Meeting & Verbal Warning, Possible Game Suspension
Second Offense
Parent Meeting, Game Suspension(s), Removal as Team Captain or Asst Captain
Third Offense
Dismissal From The Team

If you have questions about the Junior Gold Program contact:

Chuck (since 2010) Taylor

Icedogs Program Coordinator

Phone: (612) 963-9166