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Icedogs Tryout Process

Last Revision: 1020.2019
1.)  The Head Coach and one Assistant Coach from each level, JRGAJRGBJRG16, make up the Try-out Judging Panel.

2.)  There will be no preferential treatment to any player based on the youth association or high school they played for in the past. Players will be placed on a team based on a combination of overall talent, age, and open positions.
3.)  We will try to accommodate friend requests. Players will be placed based on the lowest placement results of those involved.
4.)  All player placements require unanimous agreement by the judging panel. A single coach will not be able to pre-pick a team or have an individual agenda.
  • The Jr Gold Coordinator, Board Members, or any outside observing attendee will not have voting privileges in the team creation and selection process.
 We place a strong emphasis on creating High Value Teams at each level that will enable this program to compete for State Title at each level. The Judging panel's decision is binding for the season.

5.)  All players, including returning players, are required to attend try-outs in order to be considered for the Jr Gold A team. If a candidate player does not attend any of the try-out dates they will not be eligible to play for the Icedogs A team in the current season, but will be eligible to play at other levels.
6.)  The only possible exception to the tryout attendance rule is a late cut from a High School JV or Varsity team. The Icedogs A team would not be able to displace a 1-15 pick, but would be able to add as an additional player within guidelines. This would also require unanimous agreement by all head coaches.
7.)  According to registration numbers, the program goal is to accommodate 15 players and 1 to 2 goalies on each team, coaches discretion applies for anything greater. Coaches are not obligated to add more than 15 players and 2 goalies per team, but are required to fill out the teams if enough registered players are available. It is the coach's discretion to add additional players from tryouts or high-school transfers after qualified player minimums have been met.
8.)  Selection process
   First Round Order
  • Jr Gold 16 - 15 Players, One Goalie
  • Jr Gold A - 15 Players, One Goalie
  • Jr Gold B - 15 Players, One Goalie
   Second Round Order
  • Jr Gold A - One Goalie
  • Jr Gold B - One Goalie
  • Jr Gold 16 - One Goalie
    Final Round
  • Remaining players fill out each level or create another team

9.)  All roster movements will be agreed upon and approved by the Coaches Judging Panel unanimously.  1st year sophomores could be eligible to make the Icedogs A team if they demonstrate exceptional first line skill & ability and it is agreed upon unanimously by the coaches panel.

 In the event there are enough qualified players remaining to support a fourth team we retain the right and option to establish a second tier Jr Gold 16 or Jr Gold B team to accommodate the remaining mix of players.

 Program cuts might have to be made for the season and player placement will depend on Attendance, Skill, Effort, and Attitude.

 If an additional team is not feasible for the season we will attempt to place the remaining players that still wish to play at a cooperative host team for the season.